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Utility scale systems

iSystems Solar can design and implement large scale solar power plants, ranging from 5-10 MW to 100's of MW, to supply power at the utility level rather than to local or individual users. Such utility-scale solar parks have the ability to generate power for relatively large energy demands.

Depending on the installation’s geographic location, the power produced at utility solar arrays is either sold to wholesale utility buyers via a power purchase agreement (PPA) or owned directly by an electrical utility. Regardless of the exact structure of an individual utility-scale solar installation, the initial customer of the generated power is an electric utility company, which will then distribute the generated electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial ratepayers connected to the grid.

Commercial systems

iSystems Solar provides large-scale commercial projects, designed to supply power to facilities with high electricity consumption, such as industrial plants, industrial estates, or mining operations. Commercial and industrial property owners can benefit from installing solar energy on rooftops, ground-mounted, or a combination of both.

Commercial solar is considered “distributed generation,” meaning that the energy produced by the system is used at or near the point of generation. These systems are usually connected to the local electric grid, allowing their owners to take advantage of net metering, a policy enabling distributed generation customers to send excess electricity back to the grid for a monetary credit.

Storage solutions

With any Solar power plant, iSystems can provide a battery storage system of suitable size. Energy storage is not limited to off-grid applications; on-grid systems can also benefit from storing the solar energy produced during the day for access whenever it's needed most.

Commercial/industrial systems can use it as a backup during short-term grid power outages, and maximizig the use of self-generated (cheap) electricity to avoid paying premium prices at peak-demand times. In Utility-scale systems, stored energy facilitates frequency control, increases grid stability and reduces the risk of outages, or can be used to set up a micro-grid.

iSystems Solar is an EPC contractor for Commercial and Industrial scale solar power projects. Building on its experience in renewables and oil & gas, we are well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing solar market. With our in-house engineering, project management and QA capability, iSystems Solar designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its clients.

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