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Hybrid PV systems

iSystems Solar offer complete customized Hybrid PV Systems to meet the requirements of industrial consumers in locations with no (reliable) grid connection.

Industries suffering frequent power outages due to an unreliable grid, or in remote locations (such as mining industries) often still rely on fossil fuels (diesel-powered generators) for their power generation. Renewable energy can be competitive with many fossil fuel applications. Power outages, slow ramp-up times, high maintenance expenses and troublesome fuel logistics can be avoided with a Hybrid Solar Power system, in which the photovoltaic modules are complemented with battery storage and, where necessary, one or more diesel or CNG-fueled generators.


In many rapidly developing countries, the existing macrogrids are unable to meet the increasing demand for affordable and consistent power caused by swift urbanization and industrialization. Microgrids and distributed generation technologies and advancements in renewable energy can match up to these requirements, using a clean source of energy.

Micro-grid systems have to be adapted to local needs in order to be effective. We analyse the load profile and calculate which combination of photovoltaic modules, secondary/back-up generation systems and energy storage systems will achieve the best results for your application.

Bespoke and special-purpose systems

On demand, iSystems Solar will engineer and manufacture special-purpose Hybrid PV systems for a myriad of applications  -e.g. remote telecom stations, off-grid site control rooms for the Oil & Gas industry, portable clean hybrid power solutions, vehicle refueling & recharging systems etc.

iSystems Solar is an EPC contractor for Commercial and Industrial scale solar power projects. Building on its experience in renewables and oil & gas, we are well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing solar market. With our in-house engineering, project management and QA capability, iSystems Solar designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its clients.

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