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A Solar On-Grid system is the simplest way to reduce your electricity bills or earn money by generating power on the utility grid. It includes solar modules to convert solar radiation into electricity and one or more grid-tied inverters to supply electricity to the load and sell the excess through net metering or feed-in tariff schemes. These systems are suitable only for regions where grid power is reliable and power outages rare.


Solar Off-Grid systems provide power at remote locations where the grid is either unavable or unstable. iSystems can provide off-grid systems designed for specific applications; whether it is your goal to power a small community or industrial facility using only solar energy or to decrease fossil fuel consumption in larger facilities, we have the right solution for you.

iSystems Solar is an EPC contractor for Commercial and Industrial scale solar power projects. Building on its experience in renewables and oil & gas, we are well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing solar market. With our in-house engineering, project management and QA capability, iSystems Solar designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its clients.

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