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Engineering, Procurement and Construction

You want to build a solar installation -not only just to generate power for your company or your customers, but because it moves you to the forefront of an energy revolution. How do you go about it, and who can help?

The solar installation industry grows ever larger to accommodate more residential, industrial, community and commercial operations. As is the case with all projects, there are many issues that can derail your solar power project that -on paper, at least- looked like a good investment. Schedule delays, material procurement issues and problems during construction can all contribute to a poorly-run project.

The best option to save your Project from failure is to find a company that can help you from the start of the project. This is where a solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractor can come to the rescue by stepping in and helping you to find the right direction.

Project Financing

iSystems can assist you with innovative financing strategies and solutions to invest in your Solar Power project.

By facilitating the financing and implementation of Solar Power projects, iSystems helps businesses, investors, communities, and individuals to capitalize on the construction of Solar Power plants and reductions of energy consumption through innovative financing and creative business models which generates new value and revenue streams.

Consulting Services

iSystems supports Solar Power Plant developers, lenders and constructors, and provides expertise in solar energy engineering and technical advisory services. We help our clients meet challenges in planning and executing their high-performance solar energy projects.

iSystems Solar is an EPC contractor for Commercial and Industrial scale solar power projects. Building on its experience in renewables and oil & gas, we are well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing solar market. With our in-house engineering, project management and QA capability, iSystems Solar designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its clients.

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